The Group’s corporate structure highlights the high level of integration achieved in environmental services for the agricultural and industrial production sectors.

Within each sector, each company specialises in a particular market segment or geographical area and declines its offer accordingly. This diversification allows us to offer high-profile services capable of responding to the specific needs of target customers.

In enhancing this diversification, synergies and sharing of know-how are constantly sought after and represent a Group strength. To develop them, the management and organisational structures are transversal to the companies, allowing to optimise and enhance resources and skills.



A key player in the special non-hazardous and hazardous waste sector in the Turin area and active throughout the country through a network of strong partnerships, Innova Ecoservizi stands out for offering highly professional and advanced industrial waste management services for solids and liquids.

Strongly oriented towards technological innovation, it invests significantly in research and development and has also created for its customers the first Italian digital storage portal in the sector capable of digitising waste management for the industrial world.


Cascina Pulita is the undisputed leader in Italy in the collection, recovery and valorisation of waste produced by agricultural companies and pursues the goal of “zero waste”, that is, the re-entry of all waste into the production cycle without resorting to landfilling. With 250 active agreements with local trade associations, it has over 40,000 customers in Northern and Central Italy, managed thanks to the collection centres in Cremona and Tuscany.


With decades of experience in the management of commercial waste, Geo Progetto Ambiente offers highly customised services for the management of special non-hazardous waste. The commercial offer also extends to environmental services parallel to the disposal of waste, including management of ecological areas, cleaning and clearance operations.


Registrambiente, created by the Agriculture & Environment trade association, is responsible for supporting agricultural and industrial companies in the management of administrative practices related to waste. Digitisation and constant regulatory updates are the two main drivers for the growth of this company.


Carvin Divisione Ambiente has been operating for over thirty years in the agricultural waste sector in Tuscany: its integration within the Group has allowed it to generate significant synergies in the area, enhancing the offer of services and expanding the customer portfolio.


The companies of Gruppo Vergero carry out the following activities: