Gruppo Vergero is made up of companies which operate in the sector of environmental services for industry and agriculture.

With a strong presence in the North-West, and operating throughout Italy, the Group is the ideal partner for all private and public entities that wish to enhance resources, reduce their environmental impact, and implement a business and territory management model based on sustainability.

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Collect and enhance the waste materials of different production sectors by offering companies a sustainable solution for waste management, from collection to disposal, while respecting the environment and the territory.


Obtain, through growing investments in innovation and human resources, a positive impact on the well-being of the territory and local communities by always maintaining a continuous and transparent communication with its stakeholders.



Moral responsibility and fairness towards local communities, partners, the environment and future generations. These are the essential and inspiring principles for the Group; together with the awareness of our role and of the contribution to the environmental sustainability of the territory of influence, they guide every strategic choice and shape our activities and objectives.


The trust of our stakeholders is a key value for the Group. For this reason, and with the aim of increasing the generation of added value for all interested parties and developing creative and successful collaboration opportunities, relations within the Group’s network are strongly marked by clarity and integrity.


To build a sustainable environmental management model, innovation is the crucial driver that the Group has decided to pursue in every aspect of our work. For this reason, we give priority to investments in the research and development of the more advanced and best-performing industrial solutions, and for the adoption of lean and smart internal processes.


Strongly believing in our mission and generating a positive impact with our business makes the Group a motivated and enthusiastic reality. These characteristics allow us to face the market challenges and the needs of a new and necessary economic-environmental system proactively and confidently.


The Group pursues an inclusive model: great importance is given to the value of diversity and attention to the specificity and needs of everyone, which are the basis of the fundamental sense of team spirit that distinguishes us. This inclusiveness is as much sought after as possible, even in external relations, and has inspired the various social promotion projects supported so far.


The growth strategy of Gruppo Vergero, from which initiatives, projects and activities of its individual companies derive, is based on these 4 pillars:



The sustainable environmental management of the production sectors: a challenging and essential primary goal, which we have set ourselves in Gruppo Vergero since the beginning of our business path and to which we strive every day.

Today, strengthened by our 30 years of history, we are proud of the important results we have achieved: the accreditation of Borsa Italiana in Gruppo Elite, the construction of the first plant in Italy for the clean-up of dangerous agricultural plastics, the implementation of the first scalable model of agricultural waste collection, the preparation of the large recovery plant at Borgaro T.se etc.

At the same time, we are aware of what has still to be done for sustainable environmental management to become reality and we are motivated to implement ambitious projects that bring us closer to the goal.

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Among these, the construction of our headquarters in North Turin certainly stands out, which will not only host the Group’s headquarters, but a technological hub capable of responding in an innovative and advanced way to the growing environmental needs of the territory and its businesses.

In this project, as in any other, we will maintain and increase the communication channels with all interested parties, with the aim of generating added value shared between partners, the territory and its local communities, aware of the importance of their involvement in the Group’s strategic choices.

At the same time, the next few years will see us engaged in a growth strategy through strengthening our presence in the historical areas of our coverage, together with a territorial expansion that will involve both our companies that turn to the industrial sector and those specialised in the agricultural sector, identifying and seizing the merge & acquisitions possibilities that will arise.

Strengthened also by a motivated team, united and oriented towards shared corporate objectives and values, we feel ready to accept the challenges that the desire and the need to protect the environment more and more will pose to us in the future, and we will welcome them with a spirit of innovation and trust in change, together with the ethics and transparency that distinguish us.

The Chairman
Marco Vergero




The passion and enthusiasm of each individual employee are the levers of success of Gruppo Vergero. For this reason, attention to the team and people guide the approach and activities aimed at generating the best possible working conditions.

The Group is committed to the development of working relationships based on transparency, dialogue and the acknowledgment of everyone’s needs, it encourages practices favourable to an optimal balance between work and private life, and promotes interventions to encourage diversity.


For more than ten years, the Group has supported the work of associations and foundations active in the Turin area to improve the living conditions of the weaker sections of society, such as families with economic difficulties, homeless people, and seniors living in solitude and poverty conditions.


The corporate governance of the Group is exercised by the Board of Directors (BoD), responsible for managing and making both strategic and investment choices, and governed by a series of corporate processes and systems.

With the contribution of a Strategic Committee attended by the main managerial figures of the Group, and on a three-year basis, the BoD defines the Industrial Plan, shared with Middle Management in order to guarantee an optimal implementation.

In addition to this strategic decision-making process, the BoD, on the basis of the business needs that gradually arise, involves the decision-making roles of competence from time to time, with which the KPIs, timely reporting methods and the control of processes and activities of each individual company are defined.

With the aim of generating a fruitful integration between the various Group companies, the management of the strategic function roles is delegated to management functions which are transversal to the companies themselves.